Elephant Mountain Caves !

Combining Hot Springs, Caves, and Mineral Deposits, the Elephant Mountain Caves Are A Geological Treasure

These pages document the Caves and the mines that intersected them. Located not far from Carbonate Creek, They are a site where a Tertiary-age igneous body intruded into a mixed gypsum / limestone / shale facies of the Pennsylvanian Eagle Valley evaporites, resulting in contact metamorphism of the gypsum to alabaster and decorative building stone.

Robert Congdon found the caves in 1987 following old published newspaper reports reprinted in
Caves of Colorado. At that time, all the entrances were sealed.. Three entrances are currently open and one is collapsed (9/5/04).
Associated with the intrusion are numerous hot springs whose steam rises in plumes from the river banks on a cool day.  
Miners looking for precious metals drove tunnels through the sedimentary rocks along the edges of the intrusive.
Ore deposits were found but they also found caves.  

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