Hot Spring Links

Yellowstone National Park

Natural Hot Spring Resources in the U.S.

New Zealand Hot Springs

Iceland's Hot Springs

Doublet Pool in Yellowstone National Park

Cave Links

Williams Canyon Project

Cave of the Winds

Glenwood Caverns

National Speleological Society

Home Cave of Fred Luiszer

Formations in Cave of the Winds

Extremeophile and Geomicrobiology Links

Hazel Barton's Cave Science Website

Norm Pace's Research Lab

Nancy Aulenbach's Kid's Cave Science Page

Life At High Temperatures in Yellowstone

Bacterially Deposited Sediments in Blowhole Cave

Kane Caves Project: NASA looks at life in H2S environments

Cave Woman and Microbiologist Profiled in Forbes Magazine


Photograph courtesty of Dr. Fred Luiszer

Hiking Links

Colorado Trail

Colorado Mountain Club

Along the Colorado Trail

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